Cubs Quick Hits: Mike Montgomery’s Endurance

While Mike Montomgery has made a name for himself as a multiple-inning reliever, he’s now beginning to transform into the highly effective starting pitcher we had all hoped he’d be. Starting, of course, requires the ability to get through the opposing batting order multiple times. We know Monty has the basket of pitches necessary to keep batters on edge throughout the game, but how did his velocity look as his latest start against the Marlins progressed?

Pretty solid, I’d say. The tall lefty has averaged 93 mph this year, which is not a deviation from the below pitch-number graph in the Marlins game. Even late in the game, he was hitting 92+ mph, though he peaked around 94 midway through the start. Still, Montgomery showed the type of endurance starters need to get through 90 pitches.

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