Watch: Joe Maddon Offers Insight To Dodgers Dominating Pitching, Talks Positives, Focused on Process

If there’s one thing that Chicago Cubs head coach Joe Maddon is known for it’s his positive approach. And if there’s anything the Cubs need as they struggle through the first two months of the 2017 season, it’s good vibes. There’s no point burying their head in the sand until the monsoon passes.

Yep, the Cubs are stumbling along and this season feels incredibly different then 2016. Of course, that doesn’t mean the end result will be any different. What’s important for the Cubs right now is that they pay attention to what’s happening, to how they’re executing and that they try to learn from their struggles. Learning and not repeating is going to be key for this group as they move through the dog days of summer.

Here, Maddon offers his insights after the Cubs endured their second consecutive offensive shutout:


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