Cubs Quick Hits: Heyward’s Numbers at This Point Last Year

Jason Heyward overhauled his swing during the offseason and is reaping the rewards of his efforts. With his hands starting much lower before the pitch is thrown, Heyward seems more capable of turning on the ball.

So what did Heyward’s numbers look like at this point last year?

Average Homers ISO wOBA wRC+
2016 0.217 1 .059 .276 68
2017 0.256 5 .171 .332 103

Through May 25, 2016, the best defensive right fielder in the UZR era was producing 34 percent fewer runs than his 2017 production, in part due to a repressed ISO and low batting average.

If Heyward continues at this pace, he will produce over 4 WAR by the end of the year.

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