The Rundown: Cubs Walk the Line, Hendricks Was Weak, Blame Us for Davis’s Runs

Gonna be a quickie today, folks, pressed for time. Enjoy the bullets.

  • Jason Heyward was called for interference on a play the Giants never would have made, which was super fun and not at all aggravating or strange. I understand the rules are the rules and that Heyward did perceptibly step inside the baseline, but his movement did not affect the outcome of the platy. The throw was wide and low and would have hit him regardless. So I guess the moral of the story is that pitchers should hit guys running to first when the play is close.
    • Giants beat writer Hank Schulman was already salty about the Cubs calling their game against the Brewers and tonight’s game didn’t help matters

  • Then there was the matter of the called third strike on a full count to Joe Panik, who was batting with a man on and the Giants down only one. That last pitch might not have been a strike, but it was less egregious a call than the interference on Heyward. Unless you’re a Giants fan, in which case the situation is reversed. Same for beat writers.

  • Wade Davis gave up his first runs of the season…right after we ran a post about his 0.00 ERA. You can blame Brendan Miller for that one, I do. Maybe the ump felt bad for him after that home run or something.
    • That was the first HR he’s allowed since 2015
    • It was also his first HR off of a cutter since becoming a closer
    • I think it might also have been his first HR allowed in the 9th inn. of a save situation
    • Davis is very good
    • Also, that was the AB of Mac Williamson’s flipping life
  • Kyle Hendricks had been giving up over 35 percent hard and under 23 percent soft contact, numbers that the home runs he allowed could have sent in the wrong directions. Instead, he got the control right and coaxed the Giants into very little worthwhile contact for most of the game. His 38.1 percent soft contact rate was the lowest of the season for him so far.

  • With three home runs in the last two games, Anthony Rizzo appears to be back
    • Those dingers cost me $5 apiece, which is pretty nominal but part of a larger effort to raise money in support of pediatric cancer research. To find out how Rizzo’s homers can cost you money, visit his foundation’s site.
  • Cask beer is good.
    • Not everyone will agree on this one.
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