Cubs Quick Hits: Wade Davis Only MLB Pitcher With 0.00 ERA

There are three constants in the world: 1) Jon Lester throwing cutters on the outside portion of the plate; 2) Kris Bryant hitting baseballs really far; and 3) Wade Davis shutting down games.

Not only is he finishing games with goose eggs, but the Cubs closer is the only pitcher left in MLB who has yet to give up a run (min. 15 G). The pitcher with the next best ERA is Andrew Miller (0.43), followed by Dellin Betances (0.61). Aroldis Chapman would normally be included in these top lists, but he’s only pitched 12.2 innings. Oh, he’s also got a 3.55 ERA and is on the DL with a sore shoulder.

Davis’s 0.9 WAR looks pretty nice compared to Jorge Soler’s -0.3 mark, doesn’t it? Just for giggles, that 1.2 WAR difference is actually greater than Soler’s total WAR of 1.1 over 227 games.

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