Watch: Eloy Jimenez Blisters Second Home Run


The scene opens with silence, making you wonder for a moment whether your volume is turned off. The announcer’s voice doesn’t kick in until the batter has already swung and the camera angle has switched from centerfield to somewhere between home and third in a vain attempt to capture the flight of the ball before it clears the outfield fence. Nice try.

Because sound doesn’t travel as quickly as light, we can still hear the crack of Eloy Jimenez’s bat. The ball, though, that’s another story. I’d imagine it’s found its way to an alternate dimension by now.

On 1-2, Jimenez gets ahold of this one and it’s not comin’ back. Oh goodness. That ball was long gone and a solo homer for Eloy Jimenez, his second big fly of the season.

Let’s just hope the hole that thing ripped in space-time is high enough from the ground that no kids or animals go wandering in.

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