Cubs Quick Hits: Javy Baez Back to Making More Contact

Javier Baez surprised lots of people when he finished 2016 with a 72 percent contact rate after starting his career with one of the worst stretches of contact in MLB history.

Yet it seemed early on this season as though he had reverted back to his rookie days when whiffs were a real problem. By the end of April, he was only making contact with 56.3 percent of pitches. Knowing he needed to make changes, Javy has apparently implemented the necessary adjustments.

In May alone, the Cubs second baseman improved his contact rate to 73.7 percent and has struck out at only a 19.3 percent rate, down from the 30 percent we saw in April. By doing so, Baez was able to produce a .333 wOBA and smack four homers.

Good signs.

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