Wrigley Beach: 50-Ton Sand Sculpture Being Built Tuesday

Have you ever seen those giant sand sculptures and wondered how exactly they come together? If you’re going to be at any of the Cubs/Reds game this week, you’ll get the chance to find out firsthand. The folks from Visit Myrtle Beach have arranged to have 100,000 pounds of sand brought into the new plaza and will be working on the design throughout the day and during Tuesday’s game.

“We have a 50+ ton sand sculpture in the new Park at Wrigley, to be completed later today,” said Rachel Ammon of VMB. “The sculptors are going to be working on one side of the design even after gates open so fans have a chance to see how they carve the sculpture

“Once it’s complete, the sculpture will be up through Thursday for fans to enjoy — we think it provides a fun and unique photo opportunity. The sculpture will include a beach theme, Cubs World Champion logo, Respect 90, Clark the Cub, Myrtle Beach Pelicans, and more.

“Myrtle Beach representatives will be near the sand sculpture to answer any questions about Myrtle Beach, and help fans take photos.”

They’ll also be handing out Joe Maddon glasses with an attached 2016 World Champions sunglasses strap to the first 10,000 people through the gates tonight, which is not a bad little tchotchke.

You think they could maybe bring Eloy Jimenez and his baseball-destroying swing with them?

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