CI Recap (5/9/17, Game 2) – Cubs Finally Break the Seal with a Get-Right Game

And lo, the BABIP gods smiled upon the Cubs’ numerous burnt offerings and fervent supplication. Thus the gods saw fit to bless their loyal subjects with all manner of BABIP-ification, turning the Rockies’ middle infielders into pinball flippers content to bounce the baseball all over the field as five Cubs runs crossed the plate in the 2nd inning.

Whether it was Trevor Story or that French fella everyone keeps LaMenting the Cubs trading away, the Rox just kept muffing plays. There was no such buffoonery to be found at the hot corner, where Nolan Arenado showed off his Gold Glove with aplomb. But, like, not an actual Gold Glove, that was just a metaphor.

All the great defense in the world didn’t matter after the Cubs put up a five-spot, since the Rockies only managed one run against Cubs pitchers. And it didn’t even come in the 1st inning. That’s because John Lackey was an absolute beast on the mound, stifling the Rockies with 10 strikeouts over seven very much-needed innings (box score). That slide-piece was choice, yo.

Jeimer Candelario picked up a hit on the first pitch he saw to kick off the big rally, though the early scoring was trumped by opposite-field homers lofted by Javy Baez and Kris Bryant. That all ensured that the Cubs would only need to use three pitchers. Which is more than they had to use in the early game of the twin bill, though for decidedly different reasons.

A quick perusal of the box score reveals little of substance for the Cubs, but who the hell cares when they actually scored more runs than the other team in an actual baseball game for the first time all season. Okay, so it was the 17th time. Whatever. All I know is that it felt great to open the scoring up early and run away with it.

Stats That Matter

  • W, which is a stat.
  • Zero, as in the number of runs John Lackey allowed, which is one less than he drove in.
  • Two, as in the number of opposite-field homers for Kris Bryant on the system, which is one more than he hit last year.
  • I know this spot is reserved for non-bummer stuff, but Addison Russell and Willson Contreras have combined for only 11 hits in their last 97 at-bats.

Bottom Line

Have you ever been to the movie theater to see a blockbuster that you didn’t want to miss a moment of, but then you drank a giant pop and needed to pee really, really bad? And then as the plot was working to a climax, you’re left shifting in your seat to mitigate the excruciating pain from your expanding bladder? But then you pick the perfect moment to shuffle to the restroom, at which point you let out an audible sigh, rushing back in time to catch all the main points?

That’s basically what the five-run 2nd inning was for the Cubs Tuesday night.

On Deck

Ed. note: I got ahead of myself on this one, stupidly thinking it was Wednesday. That’s what you get from a week in Mexico, I guess.

The Cubs will look to extend their winning streak to two as Kyle Hendricks faces German Marquez at 2:10 CT. Seriously, what kind of idiot looks forward to a series that won’t start for three days? Here’s to hoping we get all the home runs in the finale in Denver. And that I figure out when the hell I am.

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