Watch: Joe Maddon Discusses Hector Rondon’s Performance, Contreras Collision & More

If you’re anything like me — and probably Evan too — you’re waking up with a margarita induced hangover today because, hey, yesterday was Cinco de Mayo. That and there were more than a few sips taken in an attempt to wash away the memory of yesterday’s ninth inning collapse by the Cubs. Come to find out, it was nothing that a few swigs from a strong ‘rita couldn’t take care of.

The reality is that yesterday’s loss was just one game out of 162. One where Joe Maddon had already made the decision to sit Wade Davis before the game had even begun. Pitching in three straight games will have that effect, and that’s exactly what Davis had done to help the Cubs get three straight wins against the Phillies.

Of course, a lot more than that happened in the game yesterday. Like that collision between Starlin Castro (watch Cubs video tribute here) and Willson Contreras at home plate. The good news was two-fold – Castro was called out trying to score and Contreras was okay after taking a pretty good shot to the head.

In the video below, Joe Maddon talks about these things and throws in a few comments about Kyle Hendricks too.

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