Watch: Behind the Scenes Look at Kolt Kyler, The Young Cubs Fan Who Stole America’s Heart

Remember the first time you stepped into Wrigley Field? That moment of anticipation as you walked up the steps, knowing what you were about to experience?

If you have a son or daughter, chances are you fondly remember the first time they walked up those same steps to take their first look at the baseball cathedral. It’s like opening a door you’ve waited all your life for them to walk through, one that changed your life in immeasurable ways. Sharing that experience with my son Wyatt, who was three years old at the time, was something I’ll never forget.

This scene unfolds countless times each season, many with no more fanfare than a hug and perhaps a tear or three. But thanks to the viral nature of social media, we got a look at the lead-up to one young boy’s first trip to what will probably end up being his favorite place on Earth.

Kolt Kyler took the internet by storm with his priceless reaction to the Cubs tickets his dad gave him as a reward for hard work on their Indiana farm. The scene of Kolt realizing his dream of visiting Wrigley Field for the first time was as real as it gets. That immeasurable, unadulterated joy of being a Cubs fan is something we can all relate to on some level.

Rather than describe the entire scene and circumstances to you myself, take a peek at the video below for an up close look at the story of Kolt and his family. It’s pretty cool.

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