Cubs Quick Hits: Javy Baez Improved Season Value by 67 Percent in One Game

Javy Baez entered Tuesday night’s contest against the Phillies with a wRC+ of 60 and a .265 wOBA. In other words, he was 40 percent less productive than an MLB average hitter. By the time Cubs shook hands to celebrate an 8-3 win, the struggling middle infielder had increased his wOBA to .327 and wRC+ to 100.

The 67 percent jump in offensive production is a gentle reminder of how numbers at this stage of the season can shift wildly in a matter of hours. This isn’t to say Javy wasn’t playing outside his box, because he was, but to point out the necessity for patience.

As Joe Maddon said in his recent interview with 670 The Score, “Sometime’s you got to be patient, and you’ll reap the rewards of being patient.” Javy bore out Maddon’s thought-provoking sentiments Tuesday night when he went 4-for-4 and narrowly missed a bid for the cycle.

So if you find yourself worrying about the numbers here in early May, just wait an at-bat or two. They might come right back to normal.

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