Cubs Quick Hits: Remember When Rizzo Couldn’t Hit Lefties?

Remember when Anthony Rizzo was this high-risk prospect for whom the Cubs traded Andrew Cashner? I remember those days. They weren’t always filled with lollipops and rainbows, especially after Rizzo’s first full year in 2013 when he finished with a .282 wOBA against lefties. In the subsequent offseason, “he needs to sit against lefties” was uttered before he hit for a .411 wOBA against southpaws in 2014.

Rizzo’s lefty struggles were real, yet necessary, and a perfect reminder to us regarding Kyle Schwarber’s issues against southpaws. The Cubs leadoff man only has a .255 wOBA against left-handers in less than a full year. But how did Rizzo get better against lefties? He faced them. How does Schwarber get better against them? You get it.

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