Watch: Theo Epstein Talks About Being Back at Fenway as Visitor

There is a plethora of different stories to follow as the Cubs visit Fenway Park this weekend. From the teams with the oldest and most iconic ballparks in the game, to an MVP following in the footsteps of his father, to the return of Theo Epstein, there’s no shortage of headline-grabbing topics.

Epstein coming back to Boston after leading the Cubs to a World Series championship has to be a little bittersweet for Red Sox fans. Yes, he led their team to two titles, but he also left town and has now done that same thing in Chicago. He turned a curse into a blessing.

It’s weird being in the visiting clubhouse,” Epstein admits in the video below, which comes courtesy of ESPN’s Jesse Rogers. “It took me a while to find it.”

I can picture now: He’s wandering though Fenway’s bowels just twisting doorknobs, slightly confused and hoping one of the doors happens to open into the clubhouse. At least this time he won’t have to leave wearing a gorilla suit.

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