Watch: Kris Bryant Hits Storybook Homer Over Green Monster

The ball left Kris Bryant’s bat like the star arcing over Disney’s Magic Kingdom at the beginning of their movies, which is fitting because of the storybook nature of the homer. It only took about 5 seconds for Drew Pomeranz’s high heater to turn a fun “What if…” into a dream come true for Mike Bryant. Maybe Kris too, but his old man’s been waiting a while longer.

“Those are the types of stories that have resonance, that etch themselves into the fabric of the sport itself,” Mike told me when I told him I was planning to write about our conversation at Wrigley a couple weeks back. “It is okay to live vicariously through your son (if done right). I recommend it to all!”

So it was that I sat at home with my own son and watched the reigning MVP hammer the second pitch he saw with that carefully crafted swing that has just the right “upness” his father taught him. Hit a ball 107 mph at a 30-degree angle and good things will happen.

Good things like hitting that dinger your dad requested and pointing to him in the stands as you head back to the dugout. Awesome.

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