Watch: Chris Coghlan Jumps, Flips Over Yadi Molina for Insane Score

Though he never quite got his due in Chicago, Chris Coghlan was actually a pretty darn good player for the Cubs during his time in Chicago. In fact, I argued that he may have been the best fourth outfielder in baseball at one point. Whether you agree with that or not, there’s no denying the fact that he provided a pretty awesome highlight last season with an emergency hack that turned into a hit.

But that play had nothing, and I mean nothing, on Coghlan’s latest gem. Now playing in Toronto, Coghlan was racing home to score on a Kevin Pillar triple when he found himself caught dead-to-rights by Stephen Piscotty’s throw. And that’s when he did this:

I…just…wait, what? That was Chris Coghlan? What the…?

If the move looks familiar, allow me to take you back to the cinematic majesty of Major League II. I guess Yadi shouldn’t have been standing on the tracks when the train was coming through.

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