Watch: Intern David Ross Featured in Hysterical New Bryzzo Souvenir Company Ad

Did David Ross ever play for a team other than the Cubs? The answer is yes, he actually played for four different teams over the course of his career. Of course, that’s hard to remember any of that considering how popular he’s become to Cubs fans around the world.

You’d think we’d see less of Grandpa Rossy’s now that his baseball career is over, but it kinda feels like we’re seeing more of him. Whether it’s that dancing show on ABC (I’m a holdout; my wife makes me watch The Bachelor and that’s where I draw the line), his soon-to-be-released new book, or his hard work climbing the ladder of the Bryzzo Souvenir Company, Ross hasn’t gotten this much exposure since Friends.

Yep, David Ross is the intern we all love to root for. Check it out.

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