Bad News for MLB: Wade Davis Looking Like Himself Again

I was holding this Wade Davis post until I could see more games, but I can’t wait anymore.

Scrolling through Twitter, which has been laughable, is really what prompted me to go ahead. I read tweet after tweet that suggested the Cubs bullpen was imploding in front of the newly stitched World Series championship banners. I’m sorry, but I can’t entertain such thoughts on April 20 when five of the seven regular relievers have FIPs under 3.6 and Wade Davis is looking like vintage Wade Davis.

Say it again, slowly: Vintage. Wade. Davis.

The Cubs closer has not only put up goose eggs, but is also throwing pitches with the same tenacity we saw during his days in Kansas City. Both his movement and velocity are near replicates of his successful Royals seasons.

How does his velocity look? 

Davis’ velocity is in-tune with his career averages. Sure, he is throwing about a tick slower than recordings in 2014 and 2015, but the velocity is nearly identical to last April. What does this mean? All signs point towards a healthy reliever.

How does his movement look?

Really good. His curve ball is cutting inside to righties with similar action to what we saw last year and has more movement as compared to 2014 and 2015. Even more encouraging, the money maker, his cutter, has looked identical this year.

Interestingly, Davis’s four-seam has more backspin. The pitch is generating about 20 percent more “rising” action than his career norm, and only 4 percent of MLB fastballs have been thrown with more spin.

How does he look overall?

Good, friends, he looks good. This bullpen led by Davis is going to be one of the Cubs’ strong suits over the next 147 games and deep into October. Enjoy.

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