Watch: Joe Maddon Talks Hector Rondon’s Improving Performance

I’ll admit it (and I bet some of you will too): I was a little concerned about Hector Rondon heading into the season. From his performance, or lack thereof, at the end of the 2016 season to his 14.73 ERA in Spring Training and his implosion in the World Baseball Classic, there was a lot to be worried about.

Fast forward to the 2017 regular season and Rondo appears to have gotten his groove back. Over 6.1 innings pitched (seven appearances) thus far, Rondon has a 1.42 ERA and 12.79 K/9, much more in line with what we’ve come to expect from him. That comes as no surprise to Joe Maddon.

Maddon talked about Rondon’s command of his slider and fastball, attributing that to why we’re seeing better all-around performances from him. With the increase in confidence we can expect the setup man to continue to produce in the way we’ve grown accustomed to over his last three years as a Cub.

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