Watch: Ian Happ Hits Fourth Home Run

The Chicago Cubs have hit five home runs in eight games this season. Ian Happ has now hit four dingers of his own in seven games (it’s actually five in eight now, pending video) for the Iowa Cubs. The versatile prospect is slashing .276/.344/.724 (that’s an OPS of 1.068!) and continues to prove that his name belongs in the conversation with the other elite college bats the Theo Epstein and Co. have drafted over the past few years.

After hitting home runs in three consecutive games (watch the first, second, and third) last week, Happ absolutely buggy-whipped this one in an 18-5 lambasting of the New Orleans Baby Cakes (yes, that’s the team’s real name). I’m not sure how long they can keep this kid in the minors at this point.

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