Watch: Ian Happ Hits Fifth Home Run in Eight Games

Another day, another home run for Ian Happ. If you were wondering whether he’d be able to handle everyday at-bats against AAA pitching, well, he’s given you at least five different versions of “Hell to the yeah.” At this rate, WGN is going to start feeling like the Superstation of old.

You know, because of the reruns of Happ-y Days and What’s Happ-ening Now!! they used to broadcast. Aaaaand, I’m going to leave now at let you enjoy the clip of the oppo taco.

Ed. note: I originally listed Happ’s games played at nine because that’s about how many hours of sleep I’ve gotten in the past few nights combined. Also, it’s very difficult for me to count past five with shoes on and a phone in one hand.

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