Chicago Cubs Lineup: Lackey to Claim His Jewels, Schwarber Settles in to Leadoff Role

John Lackey famously stated that he didn’t come to Chicago for a cup of coffee, he came here for jewelry. So isn’t it appropriate that he gets to be the starting pitcher in the game where the Cubs will get their World Series championship bling? I just hope he’s carrying around a cup o’ joe with him tonight during the pre-game ceremonies.

The Cubs take on the Dodgers in the second game of the three game set tonight and the lineup is tilted with lefty bats, as you’d expect to see with a right-handed pitcher on the hill for the Dodgers.

Kyle Schwarber is settling in nicely at the top of the lineup and is leading the team with a .382 wOBA and 132 wRC+. Kinda what you’d expect out of your leadoff hitter, right?

Be sure to get out to Wrigley early if you’re going tonight. The gates will open at 5:05 PM and the ring ceremony is scheduled to begin around 6:30 PM.

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