Watch: First Look at Kyle Schwarber’s New Gatorade Spot

Uh-oh, looks like Kris Bryant isn’t the only national spokesman in the clubhouse. Though he doesn’t necessarily look the part at first blush, Kyle Schwarber is fast becoming a household name. Gee, I guess coming back from a season-ending knee injury to help the Cubs win a World Series tends to elevate one’s Q-score.

Among those who took notice of the unlikely hero’s performance was Gatorade, a brand long associated with another Chicago sports icon you might remember. Schwarber’s a better baseball player than that guy, though. Even more than his skill on the diamond, it was the Schwarber’s will to get back to it that has made him the face of a new ad campaign.

Here’s what the sports-drink giant told Cubs Insider about the outfielder’s role in their #WinFromWithin series:

Schwarber teamed up with Gatorade on a video that shows that winning is a reflection of the work you put in when you’re not playing and that you can’t #FlyTheW without putting in the work first. Schwarber, who has already persevered in the face of adversity, embodies the idea that sports performance is driven from the inside.

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