The Rundown: Wrigley Construction Wrapping Up, Rainout Hijinks, E-Jax Signs with O’s

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from updating the status of the construction at Wrigley Field, it’s that embedding a few tweets and providing some commentary is money for views. That stuff kills on Facebook, man, it’s crazy. People love to read about grass, I guess.

Anyhow, the sod is in and new seats are all in place and now it’s time to put the finishing touches on the ol’ ballpark before it’s ready to welcome the crowds to celebrate the new season.

Rain-delay theater

There’s nothing quite like a rain-out to spur the real hard-hitting think pieces from writers following the baseball beat. Or not. Really, it’s a chance for players and writers alike to follow the beat of their own drummers, which is actually kind of refreshing.

Sahadev Sharma — who’s sort of my new colleague now, which is cool — chronicled Addison Russell’s affinity for Pokémon cards.

Russell decided it’d be fun to get some cards signed by professional athletes and there was no better place to start than his own clubhouse.

“It’s just kind of the description of the card,” Russell said when I asked how he decides which card to pair with each player. “Each card is different and each player is different and brings something unique to the plate. I analyze, see what I see and pick out some rare cards. The only cards I get signed are the rare ones because I think we’re all rare players. So I get them to sign whichever one I feel is a good fit.”

The Cubs’ social media team cornered Ben Zobrist and grilled him on topics ranging from his favorite TV show (The Office) and superhero (Superman) to whether he prefers bubble gum or sunflower seeds (no spoilers this time).

And that wacky jokester Gordon Wittenmyer tweeted a picture of the folio from his St. Louis hotel, though it’s no longer in his feed. I probably just imagined it. Seriously, that’s gotta be the case.

More news and notes

  • The Orioles have signed Edwin Jackson to minor-league deal
    • No, this isn’t a fake headline
    • E-Jax could earn up to $2.45 million if he makes it to Baltimore
  • Derek Jeter and Jeb Bush are fronting groups bidding on Marlins
    • Both are better options than Jeffrey Loria
    • If Jeter comes out on top, I hope they change the name to Marlin2
  • The Rockies released Jason Motte
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