Chicago Cubs Lineup: Schwarbryzzobrist in Top Four Spots, Russell Returns

Big league ballpark, big league lineup. The only thing missing from tonight’s Cubs/Astros contest is Tal’s Hill, which has been razed (where once it was raised) from centerfield. If I didn’t know better, I’d say tonight’s game actually counted.

We’ve got Schwarbryzzobrist occupying the top four spots in the order, followed by Addison Russell, who’s back in the lineup after resting a stiff back. Jason Heyward hitting sixth isn’t a big deal, but having him in center is. Willson Contreras is behind the plate and batting seventh, with Javy Baez at second and Tommy La Stella pinch hitting.

Brett Anderson will start the game and should be at full-go, or at least very close. Given all the off-days built into the early portion of the schedule, the lefty will have plenty of time to rest up before he takes the mound again.

Oh, I almost skipped it due to glomming up all the names earlier, but you might have already figured out or noticed that Ben Zobrist is playing right tonight. I imagine we’ll see this a lot moving forward, though Albert Almora — with both his new swing and his glove — is going to force Joe Maddon to pencil him in there on a regular basis.

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