Wrigley Construction Update: No Sod, But Sandlot Now Has New Flagpoles

One thing about these old guys, they never leave the house without their hair.

-Mark Rumsfield, The ‘Burbs

Though Wrigley Field is typically anthropomorphized as a woman, I felt bending her gender by using a quote from one of the finest comedies ever produced would be perfectly acceptable. Besides, I pulled in one of the greatest baseball flicks into the title too, so we’re all good.

In any case, the field is still devoid of sod as we sit less than two weeks from the home opener. Given the warming weather and highly-skilled grounds crew, though, that really wasn’t much of a concern as getting the concrete supporting all the reconfigured seats to cure. And that looks to be all set.

Here’s a look at the field from afar, complete with views of the various projects underway around the ballpark.

For all the massive undertakings with the field and the office building and whatnot, perhaps the coolest part of the renovation is something that you might not even notice. Well, not without the helpful red arrows in the picture below.

It was announced at Cubs Convention that they’d be installing a flagpole from which to fly a World Series banner, though it’s now clear we’ll be seeing a variety of new flags in the outfield. Can’t wait to see these put to good use for the first time prior to the April 10 game against the Dodgers.

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