Watch: Kyle Schwarber Leads Off with Bunt Single, Adds Two-Run Bomb

If you were worried about how Kyle Schwarber would do in the leadoff spot, namely how he’d be able to handle shifts, Wednesday’s performance may have allayed your fears to an extent. Leading off against Reds Opening Day starter Scott Feldman — yes, that Scott Feldman — War Bear dropped a perfect bunt down the third base line for an easy single.

Then, with Matt Szczur on in the 5th, Schwarber hung a laundry line between the plate and the bleachers in right-center. So powerful was the concussive force of the clout that it triggered a windstorm that eventually forced officials to call the game due to rain.

Truth be told, it may have been War Bear’s second AB — in which he lofted a cloud-seeding parabola to right — that caused the storm.

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