The Rundown: Rethinking a Lackey Extension, Happ in Convo for Cubs, Jimenez Has Shoulder Examined

So, I’m kinda thinking maybe I was a little overzealous in saying that talk of an extension for John Lackey should be killed with fire. I’m still not completely convinced that it’s a good idea, but if he can maintain his velocity and the slide-piece is still sliding, I guess I’d be okay with a one-year deal at the right price.

“At this point, I think I’m more likely to pitch next year than not pitch,” Lackey told reporters Saturday. “But we’ll see at the end of the season.”

After getting hit hard early by Team Japan in his most recent outing, Lackey settled in and ended up allowing just one run. It’s not easy to get a report on exactly what he was throwing, but he was missing bats with offspeed stuff all afternoon.

So will the Cubs consider bringing the big Texan back for another run?

“Never say never,” Jed Hoyer offered.

Happ with the Cubs?

“Yes, he is in the conversation,” Joe Maddon said of Ian Happ prior the the game against Japan.

Maddon went on to say that Happ is definitely a Major League player, but stressed the need to let the young man play and see how he reacts. And that means the only real conversation is whether Happ opens at AA Tennessee or AAA Iowa.

There’s really not much sense in bringing him up now just to serve as a bench player, so the Cubs want to observe what happens over a prolonged period of regular at-bats. I’d just as soon see Happ face the better pitching prospects AA has to offer first. If he tears it up there, on to Iowa.

But we’ll see.

Jimenez has shoulder examined

Eloy Jimenez has been out of action since Tuesday, when he came up a little lame after making a throw home. Results from a CT scan and MRI have not been made public yet, but here’s to hoping they’re just precautionary. And clean.

Jimenez was recently reassigned to the minor league roster and will likely find himself at Myrtle Beach to open the 2017 season. Like Happ, Jimenez could move up quickly if A-ball doesn’t offer enough of a challenge. A lot of that may now depend on his health, which I’m sure is fine.

Well, I hope it’s fine.

More news and notes

  • The CI meet-up went well, but now we’ve got a big box full of t-shirts no one bought
  • Cubs prospect David Bote hit a home run to right Saturday, sending questions of “Wait, who is that?” rippling through the crowd
  • The US defeated the Dominican Republic and will face Japan Tuesday in the WBC semifinals
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