Wrigley Construction Update: Progress Continues, Park Still Filled with Heavy Equipment

Though I hadn’t been putting them out there regularly throughout the winter, the impending season means more frequent updates on the construction at Wrigley Field. The new seating along the baselines appears to be all set, but there’s clearly a lot of work to be done on the area behind the seats. That’s where the new American Airlines 1914 Club will be starting in 2018.

Fear not, this doesn’t mean the seats will be unavailable in the meantime. The club area will be located beneath the main bowl, so it’s just the excavation and underlying structural support that’s being completed for now. You’ll also see lots of work being done to the plaza along Clark Street, not all of which will be ready for opening day. For more on the timeline for this season and beyond, check out the information laid out by Tom Ricketts and Julian Green a couple weeks back.

I know it’s real, but does anyone else think the new office building — that’s the brownish one in the lower right of the last picture — looks like it was photoshopped in? It’s uncannily similar to the original renderings, which reflects well on the construction crews that put it together.

It’s a little scary to see the field covered by everything but grass, kind of like the old girl forgot her wig. Still plenty of time to get all that equipment out of there and get new sod rolled out and set prior to April 10. I mean, I think there’s time. Right?

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