Watch: MLB Network Visits Cubs Camp to Talk with Bryant, Happ, Lester, Maddon, Schwarber

As part of their 30 Clubs in 30 Days road trip, the crew from MLB Network paid a visit to Sloan Park to talk with several different Cubs. Below you’ll find clips of Kris Bryant (focused on repeat), Ian Happ (big league camp), Jon Lester (prepping for 2017), Joe Maddon (slogans and managerial style), and Kyle Schwarber (role as left fielder/leadoff hitter).

We’ve also got a clip of Anthony Rizzo talking with Sean Casey about his overall hitting approach and why he stands so close to the plate.

Bryant on the mindset to repeat in 2017:

Happ on his experience in Cubs’ camp:

Jon Lester on the World Series experience and preparing for 2017:

Joe Maddon on his coaching style and slogans for the upcoming season:

Kyle Schwarber on his World Series experience, leading off, and catching:

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