Cubs Clip Fix (3/4/17): Kris Bryant Grand Slam and the Hazards of Fan Video Recording

There’s nothing cooler than getting a great fan video when you’re in the stands at a ballgame. That in-crowd reaction has a way of bringing you right back to the moment, whether it was Addison Russell’s grand slam in game 6 of the World Series, that time Jon Lester hit his first-ever major league home run, or when Javy Baez stole home plate in the NLCS. Those videos are priceless.

It’s because of a fan video’s ability to bring you, the viewer, closer to the action that we love bringing you these in-game nuggets. But nothing comes without it’s hazards, my friends. Sure, when things go right it’s great, but when things go wrong it’s actually…pretty darn funny.

Here is exhibit A to illustrate said hazards. What would have been an incredibly cool video turned into, well…

In case you wanted to actually see Kris Bryant hit the ball (geez, picky picky), here is video of that for you. But you have to admit it’s not nearly as fun (like really fun, fun), right?

Jemier Candelario also rounded the bases after hitting the baseball, he just did it a little less traditionally. Mind you, this happened before the aforementioned Bryant slam, so please don’t think these clip fix posts are or ever will be chronologically ordered because, well, they may or may not be. And here’s that Candelario RBI triple that turned into a trip to home plate.

All in all this was a great day. The Cubs won (CI Recap here), the weather was unreal, and Joe Maddon had his annual Respect Bald event before the game. That reminds me, be sure to sign up to win Cubs Spring Training tickets or schwag autographed by Joe Maddon or Andre Dawson. Deadline is Monday evening.

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