Watch: Ryan Dempster Gives up BP Oppo Bomb to…Theo Epstein?

Theo Epstein may not look like much standing in the box with his sneakers and pullover. Actually, the way he’s choked up conjures images of David Eckstein. Or, given that how he drove this BP fastball from Ryan Dempster, maybe we should liken the Cubs’ baseball boss to Rajai Davis.

While Demp — who’s using Spring Training to prepare to pitch for Team Canada in the World Baseball Classic — looks to be in good shape and the familiar glove-waggling windup is there, I’m not sure getting tagged by the team’s top exec is a harbinger of good things to come in the WBC. But this was probably just a meatball and the former Cub surely upped the juice when Tommy La Stella jumped into the cage. Right?

Either way, this is a pretty solid shot from Epstein (video per ESPN’s Jerry Crasnick).

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