Daily Cubs Clip Fix (2/28/17): Albert Almora Comes Up Big, Addison Russell Home Run, & Lots More

Spring Training is in full swing and it’s not even March yet. That’s the weird part about this year’s Cactus League play. There’s also the weather, which may explain why there were a couple thousand fewer people in attendance at today’s game. But honestly, it’s kinda nice to stretch out a little and establish some elbow room before the crowds start to swell once spring break season kicks up in a week or so.

There was rain early this morning, enough to delay the game about 30 minutes, which gave me just enough time to get to my seat before the first pitch. Yes, I was running a little late today but, alas, I didn’t miss a thing. It actually turned out to be a beautiful day: Big puffy clouds with temperatures just a touch over 60 degrees.

The Cubs looked good early on the strength of Addison Russell’s second Spring home run in the last two days. They were up 5-1 through four innings but the minor leaguers couldn’t hold on to the lead. Lots more on today’s game in our postgame breakdown.

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Here are the sights and sounds from today’s game.

Video Highlights

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