Daily Cubs Clip Fix (2/25/17): Sights and Sounds From the Cubs First Spring Training Game

What a ride it’s been getting to this point. No need to rehash that which we already know, but today was certainly not just your average everyday Spring Training opener. This was the day after that girl or guy you idolized finally said she’d be yours, the moment just beyond that greatest thing to ever happen to you. So close you can nearly touch it and yet so quickly becoming a memory.

With the sound of the first pitch hitting the glove today, I was reminded that this thing in front of us, as bright as it may be, still represents having to grow further from the year. Of course, cold Old Style in my hand, hearing that same first pitch quickly made me realize: “BASEBALL!!!”

The first day of Spring Training was a good one. The weather was awesome, everyone was smiling, and the strong scent of hot dog drifted softly on the Arizona air as people milled about the concourse.

Here, I have proof of all of it. Except the hot dog smell.

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