Aerial Photos Reveal Progress of Wrigley Construction, New Bullpen-Free Seating

Getting ready to move has made me acutely aware of how we grow immune to the accumulation of extraneous stuff in our lives. Now I sit here surrounded by bare walls and the effect is somewhat disconcerting. Such is my reaction to the aerial shots of Wrigley Field posted to Twitter today.

It’s hard to get a true sense of what the new bullpen-less seats down the left and right field lines will look like, what with the absence of grass and such. But just knowing the pens are gone is enough to engender a little case of the sads, even for someone like me who hasn’t been against their removal.

When it comes to getting the full effect, though, it’s hard to beat the wide shot of the whole ballpark. It may seem like the regular season is a long way off, but you see how trashed everything still is and you just scratch your head while contemplating the logistics required to get the place ready for that home opener.

I mean, it’s not quite the same as me digging up and repairing the snapped mailbox post some idiot backed over, but it’s a pretty significant undertaking. Be honest, you’re a little freaked out after seeing this pictures.

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