Daily Cubs Clip Fix (2/20/17): Rizzo as Bryant, Lester & Lackey Throw Live BP, Heyward Goes Deep, & More

The weekend rain was good news for the otherwise arid Arizona desert but it meant the Cubs’ first full-team workout got delayed until today. Going into the opening workout there had been a lot of talk that Joe Maddon was going to be rolling out a big surprise but the fields were too wet…maybe tomorrow? We’ll be there if something does happen, so be sure to check CI for all the latest from Sloan Park.

The workout today was a fairly short one. It started with an appearance from Cubs strength and conditioning coordinator, Tim Buss, strutting his stuff in a smooth top hat with matching jacket and a little bling to go with it. No, that wasn’t the big surprise, but it was still pretty entertaining to see.

After some stretching, the players dispersed to the practice fields to throw and take some live batting practice. The crowd was especially dense today, which I’m assuming was due to the President’s Day holiday. Tomorrow should be a little more sparse.

I managed to get some video of bombs from Anthony Rizzo, Jason Heyward and Kris Bryant, then caught Jon Lester and John Lackey throwing BP on the backfields. And then there was the moment Anthony Rizzo spotted the two nuns. I mean, who turns down nuns? I got a little on video but was blocked by all the other media trying to do the same, so here’s a view from the good people who man the Cubs social media account.

Oh, and I also managed to get a rare photo of John Lackey laughing. Like, for real. And I lived to tell the tale. Then there’s the moment Rizzo decided to do his best Kris Bryant imitation. There’s lots to see, so here are a few pics and video clips (scroll down) and for your daily fix.


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