Daily Clip Fix (2/17/16): Javy Takes BP, Fielding Practice

You know the drill by now, and even the newbies out there will pick up quickly. This Clip Fix deal is a way for us to easily share some of the videos and pictures from the day at Sloan.

First up is a BP session with Javy Baez and Albert Almora, the latter of whom appears to have bulked up in a not-insignificant way. Check Almora’s swing and meet me on the other side for a brief discussion.

Almora had gotten away from the leg kick for a while, but went back to it when he felt uncomfortable with the quieter swing. I know it’s just a very early BP session, but does it look as though his move is even more exaggerated than usual? I see this and I can’t help thinking of Daniel-san getting ready to land an illegal crane-kick to Johnny Lawrence’s face to capture the All-Valley title.

Oh well, on to some fielding. Who wants to watch Javy work on his defense? I thought so.

And the requisite photo gallery, this time featuring Jason Heyward playing shortstop. Oh hey, there’s Eloy Jimenez. And Ryno!

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