The Rundown: Maddon Making Cubs Uncomfortable, Marlins Reportedly Being Sold, A Few Unsigned FA’s

“I’m leaning on the phrase or thought of being uncomfortable,” Joe Maddon said of his mindset heading into his team’s title defense. “I want us to be uncomfortable.”

After winning the ultimate prize and celebrating the spoils of victory all winter, Maddon wants to make sure his team isn’t sitting back and getting lazy.

“I think the moment you get into your comfort zone after having such a significant moment in your life like that, the threat is you’re going to stop growing or not want to grow,” Maddon continued. “I really want us to be uncomfortable and continue along the pattern of growth and try to get it done very quickly again.”

It’s good for the master manipulator to be prepping his psychological strategy, but it’s even better to know that his charges likely won’t need much additional prodding. We’re talking, after all, about a team that showed up early en masse last year and that already has several vets working out in Mesa.

Besides, I can’t imagine anyone ever feeling totally comfortable when John Lackey is nearby.

Marlins reportedly have agreement on sale

As reported by Mike Ozanian of Forbes, the Marlins have a $1.6 billion “handshake agreement” in place to sell the team to a New York-based real estate developer. While Darren Rovell had initially reported that Charles Kushner — father-in-law of Ivanka Trump and owner of a checkered legal past — was involved, that was later debunked.

This would be a huge coup for current owner Jeffrey Loria, who bought the team 15 years ago for $158 million and who has since fleeced Miami taxpayers into footing the bill for a $640 million ballpark with a crazy-ass animated sculpture in center field. Rough life. Dude may end up sailing into the sunset with a 1,000 percent profit. Man, can you imagine what he’d be able to get if baseball wasn’t dying?

We’ve gotten used to seeing smoke from the Marlins’ frequent fire sales, but this time it might be coming from the whole shebang and not just the glut of players they overpaid for a season or two prior. I really hope the rumors are true, though, as having Loria out of baseball would be a good thing.

In the meantime, there are plenty of available free agents who could be had on the cheap if the new ownership group wants to bolster the roster without adding to the bottom line.


Other semi-relevant info

  • Billy likes soda
  • Miss Lippy’s car is green
  • Lots of players are still unsigned
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