Cubs Quick Hits – 02/07/2017: Kyle Schwarber’s LF Defensive Stats

Kyle Schwarber is probably going to get a bulk of his playing time in front of the bowing fans out in Wrigley’s left field bleacher. Jon Strong creeped on Schwarber’s most recent workout in left at Sloan Park, capturing video of War Bear looking as fluid as a figure skater on fresh ice. But let’s not kid ourselves, he’ll never be Jason Heyward out there. Some of Schwarber’s 2015 defensive stats weren’t actually that bad, though:

  • Schwarber caught all 38 of the routine chances hit to him.
  • Only 3 balls considered “likely” outs were hit to Schwarber, and he failed to make the out on only one of them.
  • Had a UZR/150 of -4.1, which is considered a little below league average.
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