Watch: With Two Weeks Left, #CubsRingBearer Videos Continue to Roll In

It’d be pretty cool to attend the Cubs’ ring ceremony on April 12. It’d be even cooler to be on the field to hand out said rings for said ceremony. That’s exactly what 20 fans will have the opportunity to do via the #CubsRingBearer contest that was announced at Cubs Convention.

Given my (very small) degree of notoriety, I was hoping that a bunch of people would flood Twitter with videos about me and how deserving I am of the honor. Alas, that doesn’t appear to be the case thus far. Not that it would have mattered. After seeing some of the stuff people have been sharing, my prospects of winning reached deep into a bag of nopes and came out with the realization that I never had a shot.

The videos below are but a tiny sampling of what’s out there. If you want to see the rest, head to Twitter and search #CubsRingBearer.

I noticed this last one because at least four separate people nominated her.

The contest closes on Valentine’s Day, so there’s still time to nominate your favorite blogger. Or me.

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