Cubs Quick Hits – 02/01/2017: Jake Arrieta and Clayton Kershaw Battle Atop Leaderboards

Much has been made about Jake Arrieta’s 2016 season. I recently showed that Arrieta’s release point was statistically more inconsistent in 2016 than in 2015, which appeared to contribute to his some of his “struggles.” He nevertheless has been one of the game’s most dominant pitchers over the last two seasons. I quoted struggles for a reason, because Arrieta’s one of the few pitchers for whom finishing with a 3.10 and 3.68 FIP could be interpreted as such. Goes to show you just how special he’s been as a Cub.

Despite some of his erratic starts, here’s a look at just how great Arrieta has been since 2015:

  • 2nd best FIP (2.98) in MLB, behind only Clayton Kershaw (1.92…wow)
  • Tied for 1st in RA9-WAR with Kershaw (14.6)
  • Lowest opponent batting average (.188), with, you guessed it, Kershaw just behind (.189)
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