Cubs Quick Hits – 01/30/2017: Addison Russell’s Big Improvements in 2016

Addison Russell is a top-tier defensive shortstop who just turned 23 years old and has already accumulated 7.9 WAR in his young career. If you don’t admire what this young man brings to the table, I’m not sure we can be friends. Improvements from 2015 to 2016 increased Russell’s offensive value and offer hope that he can still get even better. Here are just a few examples of his year-over-year strides:

  • Raised average exit velocity from 86.7 to 88.8 MPH
  • Improved barrels per batted ball from 6.0% to 10.4%
  • Improved K% from 28.5 to 22.6% and xK% from 25.3% to 22.4%
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