Cubs News & Notes – 12/28/17: Schwarber’s Playoff Hits, Arrieta’s Release Point, Spring Training Invitees

As you’ve probably heard me mention, I live in Phoenix, just a 15-minute drive to the Cubs Spring Training facility at Sloan Park in Mesa. I’ll be popping down there most days except this weekend. My wife has cashed in the favors I used while I traveled between Chicago and Cleveland for nearly two weeks to watch the most epic World Series ever! She’s left town with the girls and I have my two young lads to look after for a few days.

Expect more coverage from Sloan starting again Monday. Heck, maybe I’ll even get some video of Kyle Schwarber bashing balls into car windshields.

  • By most macro measurements, Jake Arrieta had a decent season. It was plainly obvious, however, that he lacked consistency on the mound. Brendan Miller took a quick look at Arrieta’s release point data in an early attempt to reconcile conflicting walk-rate data.
  • Among his other bullets, Brett Taylor of Bleacher Nation has tidbits on an offer for Travis Wood and Schwarber’s role this season.
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