Cubs Quick Hits – 01/26/2017: Javier Baez Rated Top Defensive 2B in New Report

Using Fans Scouting Report — an annual project conducted by Tom Tango (the founder of FIP and basically the godfather of advanced metrics) — Javier Baez ranked #1 for second basemen with a score of +13. Based on the chart below, that puts Javy in pretty elite company.R

Defensive Ability FSR
Gold Glove Caliber +15
Great +10
Above Average +5
Average  0
Below Average -5
Poor -10
Awful -15

As FanGraphs said,

Obviously, the Fan Scouting Report is based on subjective ratings, but the idea is that fans watch their team on a daily basis and are quite knowledgeable about their team’s players. When taken in a large enough group, fans can theoretically provide an accurate measure of a player’s overall defensive ability and ranking.

Surprised? Didn’t think so.

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