Lions Remind Sports World that Cubs Really Did Win World Series

The Cubs won the World Series in 2016. People forget that. But, as if to prove that we can still have nice things, the Detroit Lions provided the sports world with a reminder of that most glorious accomplishment. With their loss to the the Seattle Seahawks, who share their city with the only American professional sports team that can boast a more recent title than the Cubs (the Sounders won the MLS Cup on December 10), the Lions prompted NBC to run the graphic seen in the featured image.

It’s only fitting that the Arizona Cardinals, who were founded in Chicago in 1898 and are actually the oldest continuously operated pro football team in the US of A, sit atop of the list of longest title droughts. I suppose it’s equally fitting that the team right behind them is the Cleveland Indians, who were famously portrayed as a real baseball team in the iconic film, Major League. Oh, they also Golden State Warriorsed a 3-1 lead in the same World Series the Cubs eventually won.

For what it’s worth, the Motor City Kitties are now sitting on 60 years since that 1957 NFL championship. That’s, like, almost 30 years longer than the wait since the win by that legendary Bears team many of us are still clinging to the memories of. But enough about how the McCaskey family is doing their best to run their organization like Bluth’s Original Frozen Banana Stand.

Let’s get back to the Cubs. Who won the World Series. Very recently. The fact that that NBC graphic did not feature a red C with a walking bear is testament to the fact that dreams really do come true. So thank you, Lions. You rarely do anything right, but you were on point with this one.

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