The Rundown – 12/13/16: Jansen Signs, Can’t Dress Rookies Like Women, Cubs to Get Rings vs. Dodgers

Here are headlines from around the league and for the Cubs:

  1. The Dodgers spent some money yesterday, signing Kenley Jansen to a 5-year deal worth $80M and finishing up a deal for Justin Turner that will eventually be for 4 years and $64M.
    • Jansen’s deal does NOT include a no-trade clause, like Aroldis Chapman‘s, has an opt-out after 3 years.
    • This move will firmly put the Dodgers over the luxury tax threshold for this year and next year and they seem to care very little for the penalties.
    • There were rumors that the Dodgers were going to have to cut payroll to deal with a less-than-favorable debt situation, but those appear to be either false or of little consequence to the deep pocketed Dodgers of Los Angeles.
    • These are obviously two good players to get back in the fold for LA, but the Cubs still beat them with both of these guys and a healthy Clayton Kershaw, so, you know, whatever Dodgers.
  2. MLB has banned hazing rookies by making them dress up like women/female characters in the new CBA.
    • I get why MLB did this and I applaud them for making this decision, but there are still tons of ways to degrade rookies without degrading women in the process.
  3. Rockies’ pitcher Chad Bettis was diagnosed with testicular cancer and actually had one of his testicles removed in November.
    • Invasion of privacy aside, this is sad news, though it does appear that he is confident he will be ready for spring training in February.
    • PSA: early detection is key to these situations, so if you have a concern get it checked out. I have had friends who have endured testicular cancer and survived thanks to early detection and stopping it before it spread.
  4. The Braves signed former White Sox pitcher John Danks to a minor league deal worth $1.5M (if he makes the big league roster).
    • Danks only pitched in 4 games last year before being released in May by the Sox. He fastball dropped from the low 90’s to the mid to upper 80’s, so that could be a reason for the lack of effectiveness.
  5. In Cubs news, they either are talking to or have talked to the Tigers about a possible trade for lefty Justin Wilson.
    • He would be another interesting piece into a the rebuilt bullpen, though he hasn’t been terribly tough on lefties (.254 AVG, .661 OPS) in his career; has a mid-90’s fastball and decent control.
  6. The Cubs are going to get their World Series championship rings before their April 12th game against the Dodgers.
    • It still feels surreal to write that the Cubs are World Champions, but this will be very cool and I am interested to see what the rings will look like.

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