The Rundown – 12/2/16: Jung Ho Kang Charged with DUI, the Cruel Tutelage of Jaime Moves South

Here are today’s headlines from the Cubs and around MLB:

  1. The Cardinals made a trade on Thursday, moving Jaime Garcia to the Braves for 3 minor leaguers: Luke Dykstra (son of Nails), John Grant and Chris Ellis.
    • At first glance, this trade is a big helping of “meh, who cares,” but then you realize the Cardinals saved some money on the deal (Garcia was due $12M) and they could sign Dexter Fowler; ewww.
    • Also, what are the Braves doing? They signed two 40+ year-olds and then traded for a guy who can barely stay healthy
  2. Pirates IF Jung-Ho Kang is once again in trouble with the law, this time after being charged with a DUI and fleeing the scene in Seoul. His BAC was .084, significantly over South Korea’s legal limit of .05.
    • This crime could bring a penalty of 3 years in jail in Korea and is Kang’s second brush with the law in the last 6 months
    • Kang was being investigated for sexual assault in Chicago in July 2016
  3. More Pirates news: it appeared that the Bucs and Nats had began some serious talks for Andrew McCutchen yesterday. The Nationals were really pushing for a quick resolution with Friday being the deadline to tender contracts.
    • I’m not sure I understand why the Pirates are doing this when last year was a down year for Cutch and his contract isn’t that bad ($14M this year and a$14.5M club option with a measly $1M buyout next year), but it probably does help the Cubs to have him out of the division, so go for it Pirates.
  4. Jon Jay spoke to Jesse Rogers yesterday and came off like a good dude who said the right things. He and Albert Almora are both from the Miami area and work out together, so there is a bit of a connection there.
    • I think Jay is going to be a great addition to the team and I think he has many valuable lessons to share with Almora.
  5. The 2016 World Series documentary/movie debuts tonight on FS1 (6:00 PM CST). It is 2 hours long and I look forward to reliving the best postseason a Cubs fan could ask for.
  6. Jon Lester made a funny when he tweeted that he petitioned to stop having pitchers throw to first to be added to the CBA.

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