Cubs News & Notes – 12/2/16: Jon Lester’s Genius, Cardinals Selling Cubs Ticket Pack, World Series Film Premier

My wife and I just finished taking a three hour tour (no, not the Gilligan’s Island version) of a prospective school for our soon-to-be Kindergartener. Man, schools have changed a lot since I was in grade school. They’re so much more interactive and not boring. It kind of made me want to be able to go to school with the kids but I think that might make some people uncomfortable. Anyway, we loved the school so that was good.

As for the baseball world, with the CBA negotiations behind us and the Winter Meetings starting this weekend, we expect there to be a lot of activity over the coming week. Look for a bunch of free agent signings and trades to kick up at a dizzying rate, particularly since there was a sort of quite period leading up the the CBA deadline.

  • Speaking of the CBA, Jon Lester chimed in to congratulate the Player’s Association and the Owner’s for coming to an agreement, even if it meant they didn’t get to something that would’ve meant a lot to Jon. You’ve gotta love his sense of humor and timing. I have to say, he’s my favorite Cubs’ tweeterer (is that a word?).

  • It turns out the St. Louis Cardinals are selling ticket packages for the 2017 season. Nothing unusual there, right? They have things like a bobblehead pack, an opening day pack, Sunday pack, and, the one that caught my eye, a Cubs pack. That’s right, a Cubs five game pack. On their website it says, “Cubs, Cubs, and more Cubs… catch five great games with the reigning world champs.” There’s so many thoughts that bounce around my head when I see this but mostly it’s just ‘wow, that’s pretty sweet.’ So, if you’re a Cubs fan and you live in St. Louis, check it out. And even if you’re a Cardinals fan, perhaps you should consider watching the Cubs a little more next year…because, you know, World Champs.
  • And finally, if you missed the Chicago Premier of the World Series Film you’re in luck. The network premier of the movie will air tonight on Fox Sports 1. It looks incredible and, honestly, who wouldn’t want to re-live that amazing World Series? Be sure to check your local listings for the time. You can also buy the DVR or the Blu-Ray version. If you click the link and buy it here, a small commission will go to us at Cubs Kingdom and that’s cool because then you’re helping to support us, which means we get to keep writing for you and that’s something we love doing. So, thank you.
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