The Rundown – 12/1/16: New CBA, Signings, Rumors

Here are today’s headlines around the MLB and the Cubs:

  1. The owners and MLBPA agreed to a new collective bargaining agreement, ensuring 5 more years of labor peace. Highlights are:
    • Free agent compensation changed, but still involves picks, just not first rounders anymore
    • Luxury tax threshold goes up every year ($195 million in 2017)
    • No international draft; instead, a hard cap ($4.75 million) on what can be spent by each team
    • Disabled list is now minimum 10 days instead of 15
    • All Star game will no longer decide home field advantage in World Series; instead it appears the winners will get more money than the losers.
  2. The Pirates are getting serious about moving Andrew McCutchen in a deal this winter.
  3. The Cubs signed Jon Jay on Tuesday to a one-year/$8 million deal. Jed Hoyer didn’t shut the door on a Dexter Fowler reunion, but he wasn’t exactly hopeful either.
  4. Javier Baez will be playing for Puerto Rico in the WBC this spring.
  5. Yoenis Cespedes officially re-signed with the Mets (4 years, $110 million) and was introduced at a press conference Wednesday.
  6. Matt Joyce signed a 2 year/$11 million deal with the Oakland A’s

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