Re-live the Dream – Check Out this Sneak Peek of the Cubs’ 2016 World Series Film (Video)

Imagine being the owner of the Chicago Cubs that led the team to a World Series Championship after a 108 year dry spell. Hard to imagine? It is for me, but that’s exactly the position of owner and Chairman of the Chicago Cubs, Tom Ricketts. He was present on Tuesday evening in Chicago for the World Premier of the 2016 MLB World Series Film (Pre-order Blu-Ray here & DVD here).

The movie will premier on FS1 on December 2nd so be sure to check your local listings. Here’s a clip from Ricketts speaking to Cubs’ fans prior to the showing:

It was a packed house and, from what I’m hearing, the film was incredible as it captured the intensity and pure power of the most dramatic World Series in recent memory. If we can, let’s be honest, while I normally shy away from exclaiming that things are the best ever, that World Series was the best ever. The Cubs may win several more World Championships but there is only one first time and, let me tell you, that felt like the very first time to me – even though it was actually the third time – and it was stupendous.

Here’s a short highlight from the film, narrated by Cubs’ fan Vince Vaughn and set to be released in stores on December 6th:

Here’s another clip from MLB’s Hot Stove where they show some other highlights of the film. This clip is a bit longer than the first and gives a really good feel for what the film will be like. I don’t know one Cubs fan who won’t want this so I hope they make a lot of them!

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